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Kurzweil PC3 Sound Editing Software Downloads:

Windows PC:

PC3 SoundEditor setup  Version 2.7.0

Mac OS X : 

PC3 SoundEditor setup  Version 2.7.0

iPad : 

PC3 SoundEditor  for iPad - download it from App Store



PC3 SoundEditor User Guide English PDF


PC3 SoundEditor User Guide Italian PDF

PC3 SoundEditor User Guide Japanese PDF

PC3 SoundEditor User Guide Korean PDF

PC3 SoundEditor User Guide Spanish PDF




To load PCLE Program Library file click on the LIBRARIAN button. In the Library window select "Load Library File" from the Librarian menu or use LOAD button. All programs will be loaded to their their own category slots. You can audition them all by simply selecting them from category lists. You can browse through all programs and they will be loaded to temporary buffers and nothing will be overwritten in your Artis ROM banks.


To write program that you want to use, select a location in Program Banks and click on the Arrow button or use copy/paste functions. You can write program above 192 but then you will be able to access them only with the editor or other MIDI programs like Cubase, Live, Logic Pro but not from your Artis front panel.


Soon we will make all other objects available like songs, patterns and etc. so you are able create and play arps and riffs.

Important note: The editor requires the PC3 OS v2.21 or later.


The latest PC3 OS updates:


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