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OB-6 Categorized Banks

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Here are the User Banks with the Categories reset to the best of our ability. In all programs only the program category data was changed.  

Use the PlugSE version 1.2.2 where access to factory banks was enabled.







Using OB-6 PlugSE version 1.2.2 to load categorized programs:

Open the BANKS panel and select Bank F0 by clicking on the BANK F 500-599 button.

From the File menu select Load Program Bank to Bank 500-599.

From the File Dialog select the first SysEx file OB6_Bank_Categ_000_099.syx .

After the SysEx file is loaded, Transmit the bank to the OB-6 Factory bank:

Load SysEx files to other Factory banks in similar way by first selecting the Factory bank and then loading corresponding files.