IMPORTANT! It is recommended to use serial cable connection as a midi interface. The MIDI OUT port on NanoSynth acts also as MIDI THRU. Because of this feature all commands sent to NanoSynth are sent back to the editor creating loop.

To setup your computer to use Serial Cable you need special cable with D-Sub connector on one side as Mac mini 8-pin Din connector on the other side.

Here is a serial cable pinout:









NanoSynth initialize procedure:

Set the rear switch to midi and connect a midi cable between the midi input and output jacks. Then, power up. Have speakers or headphones disconnected when powering up since this will send a loud pulse through the outputs.


Also you may need to install Alesis Serial Driver:

The Alesis Serial Driver may not work correctly with Win2000. If you have problem with running Alesis Serial Driver with Win2000 you may contact us for suggestions and solutions.


Serial and MIDI Connections

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