SoundTower builds precision MIDI tools and musical instrument sound and effects editor/librarians.

Our goal is to provide software that enables musicians to realize the full potential of their instruments. The sophistication and complexity of modern keyboards and sound modules had made editing and storing sounds a chore for many musicians. SoundTower software provides a graphical interface that allows you to see all the parameters that you are editing in one screen. The simplicity and ease-of-use enables you to begin editing and storing sounds almost immediately after install.

The logical design of the software will enable you to more fully understand the architecture of your keyboards and sound, or effects modules. You will be able to customize and create your own sounds in minutes as opposed to hours. Unlike other synthesizer editors, all SoundTower software is specifically engineered for each keyboard and sound module that we support. A great deal of attention is paid to every minute detail and our software is vigorously tested before being released. All the employees at SoundTower are accomplished musicians and music is our passion.

For us, technology is merely a means to an end. Our hope is that SoundTower will be a tool to let your creativity and innovation be heard.  

SoundTower Team