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1. Create a new track (Track > New Tracks...) Select "External MIDI" (1) and enable "Use External Instrument plug-in" (2) and click on "Create" button (3).

Using Effect PlugSE™ in Logic

2. Hover the cursor over "External Instrument" button (4) and when it changes its appearance to (5) click on it to reveal a list of available plug-ins, and click on "Toraiz AS-1 PlugSE Control > Stereo (6) to open the PlugSE.

3. Click on the "Read" button (7) and select "Touch" or "Latch" or "Write".

4. Click on "Show/Hide Automation" button (8) to reveal automation on track.

5. Click on "Record" button (9) and begin adjusting Parameters. Your adjustment are being recorded as automation of Parameters.

6. You will see the adjustments shown on the track (10). You can focus on any recorded parameter automation by clicking on the button (11) and selecting it from the list there.

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